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GRAIL Alchemy begins January 10, 2022

The Grail Path online course is a journey through the three tiers of consciousness.  It is rooted in an ancient feminine lineage.

This course is the master course of alchemy guiding you through the pathways to becoming the Grail - an instrument for Divine Love and Light.

The Grail Alchemy Course offers a potent journey with oils, and other aspects of nature that stir the soul awake and encourages embodiment, sacred body awakening, and incarnated spirituality.

"To encounter the mystical Grail of myth is to be healed.
To serve the living Grail is to bless.

To become the Grail is to give birth to a new heaven and a new earth and a new you."


The Knight of Fiery Hope via Jeremy Berg

What You'll Learn


  • Master the practice of self-emptying
  • Release past wounds and trauma
  • Access the Sacred Temples in your body
  • How to enter the imaginal realm
  • Understand Sacred Texts
  • Sacred relationship
  • Listen to the wisdom of your body


  • Sacred union/sacred alchemy
  • Retrieve lost parts of yourself
  • Experience the three levels of consciousness
  • Awaken your Divine Blueprint in your body
  • How to navigate the Dark Night of the Soul
  • The art of holy prayer
  • Your personal archetypes

"It meant so much to me to have this class this year, to feel the workings for change and progression in the world and to honor myself and to feel your support!!! THANK YOU a million times over!!! Powerful!!!"  JO, Massachusetts


The Three Aspects of Grail Alchemy


The Magdalene Temple

The Magdalene Path

You begin your journey at the roots of the Tree of Life  in the realm of the gods and goddesses and the Primordial Mother.  This path is known as the Magical Triangle where the personality --your beliefs and your perceptions of reality are challenged.  You'll walk the paths that weave together your dualistic nature as the origin of your humaness is revealed.


As you explore the paths of ancient traditions, you will be guided through gateways of deeper knowing, deeper wisdom and into the moon mysteries.


It's a path that has been walked by the mystic, the magician and the holy woman or man.  It is a journey that leads us from the manifested world of duality to the un-manifested world of oneness and cosmic union - the ultimate Sacred Marriage of heaven and earth.

The Emerald Temple

The Emerald Path

Your next part of the Grail Path journey guides you to the Ethical Triangle and the place of the heart.  You go from being a pilgrim on the path to a seeker.  And here, the path will guide you to seeking your self through working with both personal archetypes and the elements of nature. 

You'll turn to the natural world, call in your medicine  animal and ask for guidance into the Otherworld.  While awakening your own inner nature, you'll also awaken and deepen your relationship with nature.

Through traditional shamanic and mystical practices, you'll retrieve the aspects of the forgotten self, healed and united within the heart.

In this aspect of the Grail Path course, we'll continue to weave together Celtic and Egyptian mysteries as they pertain to the unveiling of the true Christian origins.

Temple of the White Rose

The Path of the White Rose

Your journey now leads you deeper into the mysteries and to the feet of the Divine Mother.  Mother Mary and Isis both represent the incarnated aspects of Sophia and are seated at the top of the Tree of Life bearing a crown.  It's in this "temple", where we are closest to the one self, and the realm furthest from the manifested world.  It's a temple of subtleties and formlessness.  In the traditional tarot deck, it's where the Fool begins her journey.

But for you, you've walked the paths from the Underworld, and the base of the tree, returning home, to your true self, wholeness and your own Divine nature.

You will be guided into the mysteries of Mother Mary's 12-starred crown and how it relates to the earth.  Along with the Knights of the Round Table. 

You're being called to fully embody your Divine nature and anchor in wisdom and love for the Golden Age.

We have been born into a world that is rooted in fear and the patterns of survival.  As a result, we all hold trauma in our bodies, or at the very least, walk through life lacking enthusiasm with the feeling there isn't enough, so we continue to just plod along.

With Grail Alchemy, prepare to have every cell in your body renewed, awakened, where you feel vibrantly alive, and filled with heartfelt joy.  This isn't an intellectual approach to mysticism or personal growth.  This is a grounded practice that involves yoga, meditation, breath work, that takes you from knowing the Divine to feeling the Divine.


What's Included

12 Live, Online Weekly Gatherings

We'll gather each week for an alchemical experience as I share ancient wisdom, movement and meditation exercises.  Prepare for a full-body, sensory experience! (Each class will be recorded)

Meditation Audios

I offer each week a recorded meditation to connect you with each week's work.  These will help you during the week to stay focused and supported during your weekly and daily rhythm.

3 Private Phone Sessions

Having some challenges?  Not to worry.  Included, are three private, one-hour long phone sessions with Trista to help you shift and keep on track with awakening your Divine Blue Print!

Integration Time

Before your journey continues onto the next "temple", we will have a week where there is no class, giving you the necessary time to integrate.

Supportive Group

We will intentionally create a sacred space to share,seek help and ask questions as we journey through this experience together.

"It will bring you to a whole new place in your life! 
Take it if you want to align with your whole, authentic self!"  MK, Virginia


"You have helped me activate my own power in a way no one else has and helped me navigate my healing journey to allow me to bloom".  HR, Maine


Join Us!

A unique course that reveals the ancient pathways to wholeness and Divine embodiment through incarnated spirituality.  A revolutionary way of learning the most ancient of teachings.

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