Sacred Oil Alchemy

The Path of the Myrrhophore

An Ancient Tradition from a Forgotten Faith

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The Holy Myrrh Bearer

Long ago, there were women who knew the art of working with Sacred Oils.  They were referred to as the Myrrhophores or Holy Myrrh Bearer. 

Mary Magdalene was one of these women.

She has returned to our consciousness as a gentle and sometimes fierce guide helping us to reclaim our power, our truth and to part the veils from this world to the other.

She was removed from the world myth, and her voice and teachings buried. She has now found her way back to her rightful place as a priestess, an alchemist, wise woman and grail carrier.

Her journey is every woman's journey. 

In this class, you'll journey into this holy sisterhood and learn how to blend and communicate with Sacred Oils.  You'll experience the loving power of the oils to assist you and your loved ones open to your own grail potential.

What You'll Learn



  • How to Communicate with the oils
  • Which oils are considered sacred
  • The history of the Myrrhophore tradition
  • European method of blending oils
  • Safety measures
  • The role of a psychopomp
  • Walking between worlds
  • Option for certification in Sacred Oil Alchemy
  • Sacred oil uses and applications
  • The origins of sacred oils
  • In-depth understanding of 5 specific oils
  • The foundational principles of alchemy
  • The holy Cathars and their sacred ritual

Discover the Power of Scent

Beginning with the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians, sacred oils have been used for healing, anointing and for the dying, ensuring the soul's safe passage into the Otherworld. 

Fragrance has an invisible influence over our emotions and memories, and the ability to penetrate our subconscious. 

This class guides you into the wisdom of using oils to help heal past traumas, but also to awaken to new consciousness.



The Myrrhophores are being called to guide humanity across the threshold to the Golden Age!

What this Course Offers


The Course

This course offers FIVE modules, containing video, written material as well as a downloadable pdf.

Each lesson shares a bit of history, how oils work on a soul level, as well as details on a specific oil. 


The Pathwork

Each lesson contains a pathwork recording specific to the lesson.  Pathworks are more than a meditation, guiding you deep into the Myrrhophore consciousness.

It's this part of the course where you access the wisdom of the Myrrhophores and become initiated into their sacred tradition.

Live Q&A

Weekly LIVE CALLS for sharing your amazing journey with others and for diving deeper into the course material. 

This is a time for group members to share their weekly/daily meditation work with one another as a way to expand their sacred oil experience.

Aromatherapy Foundation Course

Our Sacred Oil Alchemy course includes a 12-lesson aromatherapy course in a downloadable format.  For those of you who have no previous experience working with essential oils, this additional information will give you what you need.

What you need for certification

(Certification is optional)
  • Completion of each lesson and course wrap-up
  • Daily meditation & journaling for each of the 5 selected oils
  • Live Call Attendance(recordings available if necessary)
  • Exam completion
  • Timely submission of exam and all other course work

Please note:  This course does not certify you as a death doula.  However, if you already work with the dying, this course will greatly enhance your work.

Your Sacred Oil Guide

Trista Haggerty is a certified aromatherapist and herbalist.  She has worked with oils and plants in many different ways over the past 20 years.  But it wasn't until after her first trip to Egypt back in 2007, that she began to understand how to work with the oils on a soul level.  Combined with her 25 years of travel to sacred sites, where she immersed herself in ancient initiations and healing modalities, Trista's work is deep and transformative. 

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Video, Audio & Written Curriculum

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Access to 5-Lesson Sacred Oil Course


Video, Audio & Written Curriculum

Access to 12-Lesson Foundation Course

Book of Remedies

Life-time Access to ALL Course Updates