Hi, I'm Trista

My husband and I, and our youngest son, Javier, live on 200 acres of gorgeous wilderness nestled among the valley hills of a little village called Cherry Valley in Upstate NY. 

Our place is called, Hawk Circle.  Aside from offering online programs and guiding people on sacred journeys throughout the world, we love welcoming people to our magical land!  It's healing, inspiring, renewing --the perfect place to retreat from your busy life.


The Call to a Mystical Pursuit...

When your life doesn't go the way you imagine it to and suddenly you find yourself living a life far from how you dreamed it to be, there's really only one path to take --the path to truly knowing yourself.

This happened for me when I was 28 and pregnant with my second child.  Everything I thought I wanted in regards to quality of life, crumbled and fell apart. 

After emerging from an intense dark night of the soul journey, I met an older woman, Helena Shik, a mystic, who guided me both inside and out to the most sacred and powerful places on earth.  A whole new world opened up for me. 

Nature and the wild have always been my go to place for healing and renewal!

The Path of Initiation

The journey to truly knowing yourself is never an easy one.  It's not a pursuit of bliss, although that may be what we strive for.  For me, this journey over the past 30 years has stretched me to the outer edges, beyond what I thought possible. 

Entering into ancient initiations where  mystics, shamans, wise men and women have gone before me, tested my faith, hope and self-preservation.

Every experience helped me to self-empty to become a vessel for truth and divine essence.  And it's a never-ending journey.

But the two things that are at the very core of a mystic, is the unshakeable desire for truth and the dedication to the power of love. 

I imagine these two attributes are true for you too!

Creating Heaven on Earth

Why did we put heaven in the clouds?  The Divine is found in every aspect of nature, including YOU!

Hope to meet you soon!

Whether it's in one of my online courses, or climbing into a cave in Ireland, or sipping wine in the south of France, or maybe here, at our wilderness retreat center and home, I hope our paths will cross someday soon!