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Ancient Wisdom for a New world

There is a forgotten faith that has been hidden by an old narrative and wrongful myth.  It's time we reclaim this faith and weave a New World into being.
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Hi!  I'm Trista, modern-day mystic, writer and avid gardener.  If you want grounded, spiritual practices that help you live from a place of power and purpose, then you've come to the right place!  You'll find inspiration, healing and purpose through our online programs, pilgrim retreats and boutique sacred journey tours!


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Online programs for the serious seeker

Grail Alchemy

Awakening Your Body's Divine Blueprint

This class class is currently being integrated into a year-long course that I'm co-creating with two other amazing mystical teachers.

The Grail is an ancient symbol that predates most known legends.  It is the cup that symbolizes the embodiment of the Divine and reaching our fullest potential as a human being.

In this course, I guide you through pathways and meditation, movement and teachings that help you to release and heal restriction, wounds and trauma as you awaken the Divine blueprint in your body.


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Sacred Oil Alchemy            The Path of the Holy Myrrh Bearer

Our winter class is starting on January 16th, 2023!


Discover the ancient tradition of the Myrrhophore, or Holy Myrrh Bearer, and how this knowledge is so very important for today.  Join the growing number of women who are reclaiming this wisdom as a powerful remedy for ushering in the Golden Age.

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Sacred Moutain Tours

Boutique Tours for the Mystic at Heart. Following the footsteps of the saints and the mystics throughout time, our sacred journeys are an answer to a deep longing, a return to sacred land and ancient initiations.

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A gift to YOURSELF!  Explore gorgeous, soul-quenching places where the veil between worlds are thin and the myths of our ancestors come to life.  An intimate experience connecting to the land, shared with other pilgrims in our small, boutique tours.  Magical journeys await to such places as Egypt, France, Scotland and Ireland.   


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The Magdalene Retreat

Entering the Healing Chamber of the Magdalene

July 20-25th, 2023

at our healing retreat center in beautiful Upstate New York

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