The Magdalene walks between worlds, with one foot in our world and another on the higher paths. She is here to guide humanity into the GOLDEN AGE.

Her mysteries awaken YOUR Divine Feminine Wisdom to become a Living Bridge between HEAVEN AND EARTH as we usher in a New Era.

The Magdalene Star Light Temple

 Awaken Your Divine Blueprint within Your Sacred Body and come into full Remembrance of WHO YOU ARE.

Through walking the Shining Paths of the Magdalene, you BECOME the DIVINE VESSEL for creating HEAVEN ON EARTH.


"To encounter the mystical Grail of myth is to be healed. To serve the living Grail is to bless. To become the living Grail is to give birth to a new heaven and a new earth and a new you."

The Knight of Fiery Hope via Jeremy Berg

Sacred Oil Alchemy

The Path of the Holy Myrrh Bearer

Discover the ancient tradition of the Myrrhophore, or Holy Myrrh Bearer, and how this knowledge is so very important for today.  Join the growing number of women who are reclaiming this wisdom as a powerful remedy for ushering in the Golden Age.


The Sacred Rose Mysteries

The Magdalene Retreat - Entering Her Healing Chamber

July 11th - 14th, 2024 at Hawk Circle in New York

The Magdalene Retreat is in its third year. And each year, I sit in contemplation with the land and the guardians of the land asking for guidance pertaining to the mysteries to offer and magic to cultivate. This year, it was clear that it is about experiencing the divinity of the Rose and the mysteries that pertain to her presence. For it is with her that we can return to the courts of joy - joy, pleasure & magic that was the original intent for the human experience here on earth.

Please join me, for another year of entering the Magdalene's Rose Temenos this summer here at Hawk Circle. 

The registration button will take you to our Hawk Circle site to claim your spot.

Join Our Sacred Circle

Womb Meditations

Your womb is Sacred, and your relationship with your womb is the foundation for creating your life and aligning with your Divine essence.

This FREE teaching guides you into the womb mysteries for the three stages of womanhood - the Maiden, Mother and Crone.


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